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Have you ever held back because you felt the obstacles and challenges in front of you seemed insurmountable?

The Unbalanced Paddleboarder knows just what it means to CRASH & RISE.

Mike Shoreman is The Unbalanced Paddleboarder after a sudden neurological condition changed his whole life, destroyed his paddle boarding career and left him physically and mentally unbalanced, incapacitated and told he would never paddleboard again by specialists. He set out on a mission to prove everyone wrong. Mike shares his story of overcoming adversity around the world inspiring and motivating people to overcome the greatest obstacles standing in their way. He encourages people to use their fears and struggles as their greatest weapons and drives audiences to become the most confident versions of themselves.


Mike’s neurological condition and subsequent CRASH & RISE propelled him on-stage sharing his message with the world. His speeches from winning Speaker Slam, North America’s Largest Inspirational Speaking Competition, have gone viral on several platforms and viewed by millions across the globe culminating in a viral movement and becoming the 2021 International Stand Up paddle boarding Man of the Year. He is a 2021 nominee to be inducted into the Canadian Disability Hall of Fame for his work with making sport accessible for all Canadians.

Known internationally by audiences and the media alike by his moniker, The Unbalanced Paddleboarder, Mike is the leader of the global Paddles Up Movement celebrating people’s confidence and power and is the author of Crash and Rise: Diaries of the Unbalanced Paddleboarder.

“Because of where I went in my journey I place a great importance on community and supporting organizations who are making our world a better place.”

Crash and Rise

What if you took the worst thing that ever happened to you and turned it into the best thing that ever happened to you?

Mike Shoreman “the board man” is a fun and personable paddleboarder. On a trip to India, he stands before the Ganges River, and awakens to his passion of inspiring others on the water. He returns home, becomes a professional paddleboard coach, and soon, builds a successful paddle boarding business from the ground up. His dream of sharing his gift with students becomes a reality.

One morning, everything changes. A sudden neurological condition called Ramsay Hunt Syndrome wakes him in excruciating pain. With a collapsed face, extreme vertigo, and an inability to walk properly, Mike is devastated that his budding paddle boarding career has come to an abrupt end. Hopelessness and loss enfold him as he is left to grieve his old life.

In this heartfelt, raw, and humorous adventure, Mike channels pain into purpose. Crash and RISE is a story about falling down, getting back up, and stepping bravely into a life that looks nothing like the one we have planned for ourselves. Mike demonstrates what it truly means to crash and rise again by transcending mental and physical limitations in order to share his light with the world. His story reminds us that it is always darkest just before the dawn.

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